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Our sole purpose is to improve the every day quality of life for people by providing superior products that give the highest quality water available.

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alkaline WATER from Environmental ProTech - Houston, TX
Alkaline Water

We can provide alkaline filters for your home & office

Water Filtration Systems from Environmental ProTech - Houston, TX
Water Filtration

We sell all types of softening and filtration systems

FREE Water Test from Environmental ProTech - Houston, TX
Curious about the water in your home or office?

No heavy sales pitches included! Your water will speak for itself.

Welcome to Environmental Protech

What’s in YOUR water?

The quality of water in your home is vital to you and your family. You use water daily for drinking, cooking, cleaning, dish washing, laundry, shampooing, bathing, along with a variety of other things.

The people at Environmental Protech understand firsthand the importance of clean water for you and your family. We are people with families, too. From the time we are born until we reach the grave, we use water every day of our lives. At Environmental Protech, our goal is to improve the everyday quality of your life by improving the quality of the water you use every day of your life. Whether you are on a municipal water supply or a private well, Environmental Protech is dedicated to providing you and your family with superior water treatment equipment and service that is second-to-none!

You and your family deserve the peace of mind that comes with having high quality water in your home and office. Don’t delay!

Find out what’s in YOUR water and the best solution available to treat it.

We are insured and we carry a Class III Water Treatment Specialist License Number WT0003936.


Learn the Truth About Salt Free Systems!

Popular Products

Drinking H2O Systems

Wide variety of Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Systems available

Home & Office Solutions
Softeners & Conditioners

Latest technology with the highest efficiencies available

Home & Office Solutions
Well Water Conditioning

Twin Tank system for iron and odor removal

Home & Ranch

Client Kudos

  • Don P

    This is our second water treatment system! It is a must for our family! We could have brought our old system with us, but it was a major selling tool in selling our home. My wife and I have three Read More
  • Jennifer G.

    I would like to say I received excellent service and always appreciate the technician answering all my questions.

    Jennifer G.

    December 2014

    Read More
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